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“It Takes Two”

POZ’s Trenton Straube interviews Testing Together’s principal investigator, Patrick Sullivan.
“It is worth noting the sobering fact that falling in love and having sex with your partner can put you at a higher risk for HIV. Why is this? That’s just one of the topics we covered during our interview with Patrick Sullivan, PhD.” February 13, 2012


“Groundbreaking Testing Together services come to Howard Brown”

“Howard Brown Health Center has adopted a revolutionary new way for male gay and bisexual couples to get tested for HIV. Together.” February 9, 2012


Testing together: Couples learn results of HIV tests side by side in new program

“Testing Together, now under way in Chicago and Atlanta, takes an unusual approach: It encourages gay male couples to be tested together and hear their results together.” February 1, 2012


“Testing for HIV together, hearing results together”

“Newly dating and slightly anxious, two men bared their arms for blood tests and pondered the possibility that one of them, or both, could be infected with HIV. An innovative program — called Testing Together — would allow them to hear their test results minutes later, while sitting side by side.” January 19, 2012


“HIV Risk, Prevention, and Testing Behaviors Among Men Who Have Sex With Men”

“Approximately 1.1 million persons in the United States are living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. More than half of those infected are men who have sex with men (MSM)…MSM in the United States continue to engage in sexual and drug-use behaviors that increase the risk for HIV infection.” October 28, 2011


“New HIV Prevention Program Focuses on Gay Male Couples”

“A new HIV testing and counseling service developed by Emory University researchers at the Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH) and supported by the MAC AIDS Fund kicks off this week in Atlanta and Chicago.” September 2, 2011


“Preventing HIV”

“A project directed by Patrick Sullivan, associate professor of epidemiology, is among the beneficiaries of the MAC AIDs Fund this year. Sullivan leads Testing Together, an HIV testing and counseling service that began in Atlanta and Chicago on September 1. Testing Together, which will target 200 male couples in each city over the next year, brings a previous study out of the research setting and into public health practice.” Fall 2011


“New projects target HIV couples testing, lesbian ‘stud’ health”

Another gay health study is underway titled “Men Testing Together,” conducted by the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. The study seeks gay men who have been in a relationship for at least three months to undergo HIV testing together.” April 01, 2011


“Gay couples in Atlanta back HIV tests together”

“Some gay male couples, including ones in Atlanta and two other cities, support getting HIV tests with their partner as a way to bolster the relationship” March 25, 2011


“National Prevention Information Network – Gay Couples in Atlanta Back HIV Tests Together”

“‘Although initially hesitant, participants reported an overwhelming acceptance of CVCT,’ the researchers reported. ‘CVCT provides an opportunity for MSM to talk about sex, and to make plans for safer sexual behavior as a couple in the presence of a counselor.’” March 25, 2011


Attitudes Towards Couples-Based HIV Testing Among MSM in Three US Cities”

“Couples-based voluntary HIV counseling and testing (CVCT)—in which couples receive counseling and their HIV test results together—has been shown to be an effective strategy among heterosexual sero-discordant couples in Africa for reducing HIV transmission by initiating behavioral change. This study examined attitudes towards CVCT among men who have sex with men (MSM) in three US cities.” February 19, 2011