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Getting an HIV test can be difficult, if not downright scary—and telling your partner the results can be even more difficult. Testing Together provides an opportunity for you and your partner to have your HIV test together and get your test results together, with a trained counselor present to help you talk about the results. Testing Together and receiving your results together can start an ongoing healthy conversation between you and your partner about HIV in your relationship, and allow you to talk openly about building a protection plan together.
What’s the process?

  1. Check our “Get Tested” page for a “Testing Together” clinic nearest you.
  2. Contact the clinic for the best time to come in for the service.
  3. When you arrive at the clinic, you and your partner will be screened separately to determine eligibility to test together.
  4. If eligible, you will take a short survey about your relationship, meet with a counselor, discuss risk factors and each get tested.
  5. When the HIV results are ready, the counselor will provide them to you both, together.
  6. The counselor will help you and your partner develop plan for the future.
  7. Three to six months from now we may invite you to take a short follow-up survey.

There is no cost to you or your partner for this service.